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Diaspora Official: The Wi-Fi of the African Diaspora.

Over Forty million Africans live in the diaspora. That’s enough for a nation of its own. Now, of course this diaspora is sporadically spread across, mainly, parts of the western world, forming clusters in the US, the UK, parts of Europe- particularly France, and ever more increasingly, Canada. Africans from Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, and more have been moving to the western world for generations in search of new experiences, increased opportunities for their families, and some have moved with the hope never to return to their countries of origin. What Africans need to realise is that we will forever be ambassadors of our countries of origin, and beyond our countries, of our ever-growing continent. If we are leaving our countries to the western world, since we will never cease to be Africans, nor should we wish to, then we must find a way to form networks of our ‘diasporadic’ people, build ourselves up, and be the ambassadors of our continent. We need to be a people.

This is the purpose of ‘Diaspora Official’, or, for short, ‘Difi’. It is a News and Media platform aimed at highlighting the achievements of Africans in the diaspora. Artists, Academics, Sportspersons, entrepreneurs, designers, and so on. Through this platform, slowly and steadily, the Difi team hope to build the Difi Network- a network of Africans starting with the UK, then expanding to Europe and North America. The goal is to build a community, hinged on our cultural similarities, enabling diaspora Africans, particularly younger ones, benefit from having access to other Africans who are excelling in their works of life. ‘A LinkedIn for Africans’, you could say.

Africans need to take a leaf from the Jewish and Indian people, who have been through their own peculiar difficulties which have forced them to move to western nations and build slowly, as families and as communities, but not alone as individuals. Jews and Indians, forgive the generalisation, tend to be less competitive amongst themselves and instead more cooperative, even more nepotistic amongst themselves because they know that it is better working with people you know, or have more cultural similarities with, if they have the required skills of course. Indians are in control of some of the biggest companies in the United States and continue to navigate their way through the political and professional echelons in the UK. They are proud to be Indian, even though they may take up the citizens of their western domiciles. Jews are proud to be Jewish in the same way, and I do not need to introduce their feats across western Europe and North America when it comes their cultural approach to economic control. Africans should lift Africans up, we should highlight the stories of the successes within our community, and seek to build closer ties that transcend the cultural differences that we have, leaning on our similarities and joint heritage. Difi, which will be launching before Autumn 2023, aims to be the Wifi connecting Africans across the diaspora so that like our Jewish and Indian counterparts, we may resoundingly be proud to be African.


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