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Bussdwn Worldwide: From Manchester To The World

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Culture, style, community. The essence of the Bussdwn experience

Bussdwn Worldwide, has been taking over the UK’s fashion & nightlife scene since 2019. Birthed in Manchester, Bussdwn has run events all over the UK, from London to Surrey, and collaborated with prominent artists like Davido, Kida Kudz and PsychoYP as well as numerous industry partnerships including Guiness Nigeria for the Guinness Fashion Show hosted in the capital.

We had the opportunity to discuss with Aidan, Damini, Chubii & Chika, the founders, to talk us through their motivations for starting the company, how they balance navigating career and business, and where they see themselves taking Bussdwn in the future.

1. What was the motivation for starting Bussdwn?

Our motivation stemmed from a love for quality nightlife experiences. We identified a gap in the market at our universities and decided we would create for ourselves, what the vast majority were missing.

Led by our love for throwing events in university as well as our passion for streetwear/fashion. We always had the idea of starting something right from school, just wanting to create something of our own and staying honest about it, nurturing it and being the pioneers of the outcome which has emerged positively.

We aim to leave a positive mark on society, we want to see our pieces worn by people all across the globe, bringing multiple cultures & races together under the movement. The plan is to stay true but still be wavey.

2. Talk me through the decisions you made to keep Bussdwn going following covid?

During Covid, as event venues were locked off, we had to figure out a way to keep the brand’s name relevant. This is when we decided to add vertical integration into our company. Firstly we started with sound clashes on Instagram. These would be live videos where people who may have been bored at home could still tap into ‘Litness’ within a community setting.

As time went on we figured out that we needed pieces of memorabilia to coincide with the experiences we were creating. As such we started designing our first piece of merchandise which was a “BD 2019 Tour” T-shirt covering all the events we had during the year.

We were extremely proud of what we had accomplished and have since gone on to make merchandise a constant element in our business.

3. What do you want people to think about when they hear the name 'Bussdwn'

Bussdwn Worldwide uses its inventions, occurrences and platform as a way to “spread that Nigerian influence and culture worldwide”. Creating awareness internationally, that no matter how young you are, you can simply Invent & execute whatever you want as long as you have a phased plan as to the ideologies you want to bring into fruition. Our logo represents the Nigerian eagle Spreading its wings across the globe. The word Bussdwn itself has its own colloquial meaning. We want people to take the word and us as literally as possible. Essentially it is the product of cultural norms being refined and improved upon.

4. What is the vision for Bussdwn in the coming years?

We plan to expand our market, build a core base and then scale our event curation and product development.

5. What advice have you been giving that has influenced you in navigating your business/entrepreneurial journey?

Success is not final, failure is not fatal. Always strive to improve our events and clothing in any shape of form. Finally, always be a good person. It goes a long way.

7. How important would you say having a team is in taking on an entrepreneurial endeavour and how have you guys at Bussdwn gone about this.

Having a team is important because we can share the work between ourselves so nobody becomes overwhelmed,we also get more perspective when trying to solve problems and each of us has a distinct background which gives a unique expertise over a range of subjects. Multiple heads are better than one. as much as it’s a business we want to take all the way and learn from. Being such a close knit group makes working together natural and that much easier. We have fun doing this. It’s a family endeavour at the end of the day and that energy in turn is shown throughout all our production from events to even our clothes

8. Tell us two things each that you enjoy doing when you’re now working together

I enjoy spitballing ideas and coming up with clothing concepts. I like our review meetings, we are able to reflect on how events and ideas have gone, tell stories, gist but also think about what went well and what we can improve on. Development is always key.

9. How have you all managed to navigate career as well as business?

For me personally, running the business does not feel like work so it’s easy to manage. Handling both simultaneously is seamless when you’re doing something you love. My career boss may not agree but my focus for either hasn’t deterred. It ain’t been easy but again that’s where the team helps. Thankfully we can split the tasks between ourselves to keep stable.

10. In three words, what is a lesson you’ve collectively learnt from building Bussdwn in these past three years.

Never stop adapting.


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